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With summer fast approaching, I've got lots of exciting things going on in London to share with you all. In collaboration with Farfetch, who launched their beauty section just this year, I thought I'd do something a bit different, and share with you my summer skincare secrets to make sure you're all looking and feeling great whilst you have fun in the city sun!

1| Night Owl/Night Oil For me, overnight is the best time to kick start your skin care regime. Not only will you be bare faced (or you should be!) but you'll be asleep, meaning you won't be tempted to fidget with any product that you've put on. Sleeping means that you're guaranteed a minimum of 6-8 hours to treat your skin to a rich and stimulating product such as this. Although, I've heard your sheets might need protecting from the blue tint!

2| Don't Be Late/Exfoliate
I find nothing wakes me up in the morning quite like a refreshing shower, and after a shower is the perfect time to exfoliate. The time and hot steam from showering will cause your pores to open up just enough for a dry scrub like this one to be able to clear out impurities, and adding water will cleanse them away, giving you the perfect blank canvas to start your day with.

3| Mask It
There is nothing nicer than treating your skin to a mask. Not only will a deep moisture mask help you replace the oils and moisture that you sweat more of during summer, but putting on a mask forces you to take some time to sit back and do nothing! It's my form of meditation, the perfect way to pamper your mind and body!

4| Make It
Lately, I'm finding myself making my own skin care treatments more and more. Considerably more economical, natural and super fun, it really can only be a good thing to try your hand at doing it yourself. If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll know that I've been pinning loads of homemade beauty treatments (if you're interested I can even post on how I'm getting on with them, let me know in the comments!) and summer is the perfect time to start because there is an abundance of produce ripe and ready to beaut-ify you! Pure rosewater, like this one, is one of the most sought after natural beauty products and will definitely become a staple in your DIY kit.

5| Clean Up Your Act
There are few things in the world that feel better than getting home from a hot, sweaty, polluted, rush hour train ride and ridding yourself off the sweat, grease and grime of the day. Invest in a good cleanser, one that feels like a treat rather than a chore, and your skin will thank you.

6| SPF.1
A good facial moisturizer with an SPF does the hard work, so you don't have to. This is such an easy step to add to your routine and one that could literally save your life... and yet so many people overlook it.

7| Heavy Metal
The skin around your eyes is so delicate and sensitive that it really makes absolutely no sense to treat them with something as solid as metal, but it works! Whilst gaining all the benefits of an eye cream to protect and treat this sensitive area, one with a metal applicator provides an instant cooling effect, soothing down those hot puffy eyes that overheating tends to encourage.

8| Pucker Up
As one of the parts of your face that naturally protrude the most, it's so important to protect your lips from the hydrating and damaging effect of the suns rays. Not only will a lip balm like this do you the world of good, there's something about topping up your lip balm that will make you feel prepared and in control too!

9| Dare To Strip Back
When the weather is hot, humid and heavy the last thing you feel like doing is suffocating your skin with a foundation. A tinted moisturizer like this one provides the perfect balanced solution, whilst not as full coverage it does help to even out your skin tone whilst allowing your skin to breathe. I've heard such incredible good things about this product, and the shimmer sounds just perfect for enhancing that natural summer glow!

10| SPF.2
One of the things you'll hear most often about summer skin care is to apply SPF, and then re-apply again, and again, and again! And whilst in theory I'm all for skin protection, it becomes a bit trickier when you throw a full face of make up in to the mix. But I have found the perfect solution, and it comes in compact form! Powder foundations that contain SPF provide the perfect way to reapply your skin protection and touch up your face, all in the same product. This secret is an absolute life saver... in more ways than one!

There really is no other way of saying this, it's probably the most repeated beauty secret ever and yet the most overlooked. Not drinking enough water is something I'm definitely guilty of and something that I am going to make sure I remedy. You could apply all the products in the world on top of your skin but ultimately nothing will do it as much good as looking after it from the inside!
*gulps down a glass of water*


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    So many great quality products! I would like to try all of them.


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  24. Drinking water is the best thing we can do for ourselves, it is not only good for the body and also keeps the skin so hydrated. Applying spf is one of the top priorities, especially in hot summer days.

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    A great set of picks! I really want to try the micro exfoliating balm and I've heard alot about Luna Sunday Riley!

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  37. Great post~ I'm all about skincare these days, and totally agree about the water. That is my biggest weakness, I am perpetually dehydrated :(

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