cinema in the city

A chick flick with the girls. We've all been there, and done it, right?
But a chick flick with the girls, out in the sunshine, with a BBQ, and lots of wine, on a rooftop... that's how to do it in summer


summer '16 serpentine

Summer '16 is here, and along with it the 16th Serpentine Pavilion. This year though, we have been spoiled, with not only one, but five different structural works to enjoy... or use to shelter from the rain, in the classic British summertime weather!



So it's now firmly July, and so far Summer '16 in London hasn't been at all what it promised to be. Almost every day has been a washout, and without the options of picnics in the park and rooftop raving I'm having to resort to indoor activities to keep from bouncing off the walls


time for tea @ silk

The likes of Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and Oscar Wilde would likely be hot under the collar if they stepped into the Courthouse Hotel's Silk Restaurant, the former Great Marlborough Street Magistrate's Court where they fought to clear their names of various accusations. I, however, was hot under the collar in the courtroom, enjoying a sweet and spicy afternoon tea.


skin care secrets

With summer fast approaching, I've got lots of exciting things going on in London to share with you all. In collaboration with Farfetch, who launched their beauty section just this year, I thought I'd do something a bit different, and share with you my summer skincare secrets to make sure you're all looking and feeling great whilst you have fun in the city sun!


time for tea @ the rubens

It is rumored, that the tradition of afternoon tea began with royalty over 150 years ago. Back in 1840 it was customary for people to take two meals a day; breakfast upon waking, and dinner at around 8 o' clock in the evening. The story goes, that due to the gap between meals, the seventh Duchess of Bedford's energy levels would wane in the late afternoon. The solution; a pot of tea, bread, butter and some cake to be served in her room at around 4 o clock. This soon developed into a daily ritual, and she began to invite friends to join her, thus transforming a simple snack into a social afternoon delight. My mum and I thought we'd follow suit, and headed for a royal afternoon tea at The Rubens hotel, in a rather regal location. 


time for tea @ sketch

David Shrigley's pink paradise at Sketch is the perfect backdrop for an afternoon tea, that's sweet, sprightly and sophisticated in perfect measure.


k west hotel and spa

Summer is just around the corner, and this time of year everybody is looking to become a hotter, healthier, happier version of themselves. After all,  this is the year we will eat clean, train dirty and treat our bodies as the temples they are! Sarah and I decided to get a head start,  indulging in a day of pampering at the inner city K West Hotel & Spa.



No excuses.

But, here's what I've been up to in my absence...


lumiere london

A very very quick post of just a few shots I've taken so far of the Lumiere London, light festival taking place over this weekend only! If you're free, and up for an adventure, I would thoroughly recommend wrapping up, grabbing a flask of something sweet and warm, and taking to the streets of London to see some spectacular installations. Guaranteed to brighten up your weekend!