alcoholic architecture

A somewhat bizarre concept that as a former architect, and ongoing alcohol enthusiast, I felt compelled to try. The latest pop up project from Bompas & Parr, Alcoholic Architecture, is comprised of a walk in cloud of what they call 'breathable cocktail'.

Set in the basement of a Victorian building by Borough Market, you head down a set of narrow stairs into a cloakroom where, if you're as uncoordinated as me, you're helped into a lifehair saving poncho. Then out into a Gothic themed bar, which took inspiration from the sites ancient monastery roots. The cocktail list follows the same suite and actually tastes very good, made using fresh produce from the market.

On to the cloud itself. Walking straight into a thick blue haze is a little jarring, the fog is so thick in fact that you can barely see beyond your arm in front of you, leading to somewhat awkward nudges against multiple strangers. You are limited to 50 minutes in 'the cloud', inhaling the equivalent alcohol intake of one large gin and tonic but I'd be lying if I said you could taste anything. The air tastes weird, but in a sort of dingy basement club kind of way, as opposed to delicious cocktail vapor flavour. I went with a friend of mine, and we had a blast laughing at each other growing damper in our funky ponchos, but I felt everybody there was too self aware of being in a plastic poncho, in a cloud of alcohol, in a small white room, in an underground bar, in London, to enjoy it properly.

The concept is brilliantly fresh, clever and really well thought out, especially considering the insane amount of risk assessment that must have been involved. Although it was fun, most other people standing around the perimeters of the room, just staring, made it feel a little awkward. I wish they'd consider raising the 1:3 alcohol to mixer ratio in the cloud, if only to help people relax and enjoy it a bit more, though I would definitely recommend a drink from the bar to aid with this. We left feeling a little less sober, sticky and rather flummoxed about what we'd just done and, actually, why? Or rather, why not ..?!


  1. It sounds like a cool concept and vene if it wasn't what you imagined atleast you had a good laugh :)

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  4. Looks so cool.
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  5. what a fun concept!
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