time for tea @ the montcalm

Opposite London's iconic Marble Arch is the flagship hotel of the Montcalm Luxury Hotels Group, The Montcalm, Marble Arch. Nestled within the Georgian crescent building is The Crescent Restaurant and Lounge, which provided the perfect setting for a midsummer's afternoon tea.

The Crescent Restaurant and Lounge sits just off of the main lobby of the hotel, and is probably one of the lightest lounges in London. With four huge sky lights and a spotless marble floor, it seemed the ideal location to sit back and enjoy the brightness of the summer sun, without burning to a crisp.

Although the location was beautiful, it felt stale and uncomfortable. People were sitting down to afternoon tea while patrons of the hotel were waking up from mid afternoon to enjoy a late breakfast, which made you feel an unwelcome intruder. I remember being pestered by flies, and generally feeling like I couldn't relax and enjoy the experience fully, which probably explains the lack of photos. (Which I do apologize for!)

We opted for a champagne afternoon tea as we chose the hotel for a special celebration, however unfortunately I can't say that the experience was fit for a celebration. Served was a variety of sandwiches on various different flavored breads, scones and a selection of treats including cupcakes, macaroon, and fruit tarts. While everything was presented well, there was no attention to detail and everything seemed haphazardly pre-prepared and generic. The sandwiches were bone dry, the scones were cold and the cakes were bland and uninspiring.

I will say though that the service was impeccable. There was just one waiter on hand, however he was so attentive and considerate we truly felt that he went above and beyond to try to make our time as enjoyable as possible, but perhaps he was overcompensating to what was a distinctly unmemorable afternoon tea. I am aware that the hotel do retain partnerships with many online deal providers, and I would say that it was fine for an afternoon tea. But to me, afternoon tea should be luxurious, special and a sacred time to indulge and I hate to say that this experience met none of the above criteria. But if fine will do, then so will The Montcalm


  1. Anonymous31.12.15

    It sucks that you had such a terrible experience, and eventhough the food looks yummy at first sight, it does seem a bit poor for a luxurious afternoon tea..

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  2. Nice... on my recent blog post you mentioned about visiting Toronto... Definitely feel free in get in touch with me when you are here :)

    It would be great to meet some of my favourite bloggers in person :)


  3. Those look so good! It sucks when impressions arnt met.
    Diana | http://www.dianavilic.com

  4. The cupcakes do look quite basic :( But I guess afternoon teas like this make the other feels even more special! :)


  5. Adorable photos
    Looks delicious all that cakes

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