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Who doesn't love a night in being primped, pruned and pampered, and after a turbulent early morning flight and a busy day braving the wild winds and rain of the Highlands, it will come as no surprise that a pick me up was needed! So we booked ourselves in for a pamper session at the Viva Urban Spa for some much needed R&R

The Viva Urban Spa was set within the Village Hotel in Aberdeen where we were staying. That, along with their 3 for 2 offer on treatments, meant it was not a difficult decision to make to spend an evening pampering here.

The actual hotel served as an urban complex with the spa, a fitness center, bar, restaurant, and even it's own Starbucks. It was a pleasant stay, certainly not a bad place to take shelter from the Scottish snow storms outside. I would say, as a word of warning though, that their service was lackluster to say the least.

The service at the spa, as it's own entity, could not have been more different. All of the staff were so friendly and made us feel well looked after and wanting for nothing. As you can see, I included a picture of the changing rooms, because for me it says a lot about how a spa presents itself and its service, and the changing rooms at Viva were gorgeous. There was ample space, huge showers, TVs, hair dryers, straighteners, an abundance of plugs, and the lockers worked with electronic bracelets, no keys or codes to lose or forget!  I knew I was going to enjoy myself.

The treatments I opted for were an ESPA personalized facial, back, neck and shoulder massage and a pedicure. Using the ESPA Skincare products, the beautician tailors each treatment to suit the needs of your body. Testing ESPA body oils, to see which one appeals more can indicate what your body is lacking, and therefore the whole treatment can be adapted to suit your needs. It was no surprise to me that I was most attracted to the 'restorative' blend, which the brand nickname 'a hug in a bottle'. Without further ado, the lights were dimmed, the treatment bench was heated (!!), there was an aromatic oils to fragrance the air, and candles lit everywhere while I dipped into hours of pure indulgence.

In actual fact, the beautician and I mostly chatted through all of my treatments. Being of similar ages, it was actually really enjoyable to have a fun friendly chat and finding out we had so much in common, despite living on different ends of the country. It was the ideal way to recover from a horrid day and I couldn't recommend the spa or treatments highly enough, I left feeling rejuvenated, fully restored, ready to explore.


  1. Good to hear that you spent amazing and relaxing time in that SPA, dear and I totally agree with you that 3 treatments in price of 2 was good deal! :)


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  3. Like the second photo :)

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    Maria V.

  4. This spa looks amazing! I'm so happy you had a great time and came out feeling refreshed! I've never actually been to a spa for any sort of treatment, so now I am dying to go! I guarantee any spa I go to won't look as nice as this one. I love how they mix cozy and industrial here. Such an interesting but cool combo! Hope you're doing well, Raj!


  5. This hotel looks gorgeous! A good pampering sounds amazing right now - especially a massage! I am super jealous!


  6. This place is truly amazing dear! :)

  7. Wow, I love the photos, and it sounds like a lovely time spent at the Spa. I could use a good pampering weekend after the holidays. Have a great Christmas! <3 /Madison

  8. It is so nice to have a SPA day, especially when the place looks as gorgeous as this one! Glad you enjoyed yourself and had a great relaxing time there! :) xx


  9. Gosh I need this so bad right now! This place looks amazing, love the pics!! Happy Holidays lovely!! x



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    Sounds like a lovely experience! Nothing better than a pamper session! (P.s I will be sending your goodies out on Monday, as I have been quite unwell this week, so have been unable to send them) Happy new year!

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  11. omg, I would love to have this spa experience right now! I need to pamper myself and am glad you got to do that!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  12. Ahhh I felt more relaxed after just reading this post haha, man, I would looove a good pamper session right now! Glad you got to have a good relax!!!

    P.S. How cute are those pillows!