sunny scotland

As far as me and my lil ol' bank account are concerned, stay-cations are the way forward! So last weekend I booked myself a flight to (not so) sunny Scotland and traveled up to Aberdeen with some friends, to see what the Highlands have to offer - and yes, that is a flock of sheep crossing the road!

Our first stop was the coastal town of Fraserburgh, in search of the famous Harbour Lighthouse. It was so serene walking through the town, seeing all the boats bobbing along while the fishermen went about their daily business. While we saw the lighthouse and it's beacon from afar, we didn't quite manage to get as close as we would've liked, though not for lack of trying. After getting lost about a dozen times trying to drive up to the beacon, we decided to abandon the car and hike our way up to the closest point. Naturally, moments after we started walking, the heavens opened and we were soaked within seconds! We had to brace ourselves against gale force winds, but managed to scramble back along the cliff edge to the heritage center. We arrived wet and windswept, grateful to grab a hot cup of tea and homemade scone. Suffice to say, we decided that our coastal adventures were enough for one day and retreated to our hotel, where I relaxed and recovered in the spa, post to follow!

balmoral castle & estate
Queen Victoria wrote in her journal that the Balmoral Estate was her 'dear paradise in the highlands' and after visiting, I can certainly see why. Although our tour didn't take us much into the castle itself, the 50,000 acre estate is quite simply a place of incomparable natural beauty. Boasting the Dee river valley, mountains and an abundance of woodlands, you are really encourage to go out and explore the scenes that continue to influence the royal family to this day. The tallest mountain of the estate, Lochnagar, even inspired the story of The Old Man of Lochnagar, told by the Prince of Wales to his younger brothers. The story was published in 1980, with royalties to The Prince's Trust. There is a small museum with personal family photographs, a cinema where you can watch a film about the history of the estate and it's current running, and also the ballroom which you can see as part of the tour, but I have to say the landscape steals the show, and some of the scenic views will steal your breath away too.

You can't think Scotland, without thinking shortbread, and we were lucky enough to get a sneaky peak inside a working shortbread factory. Dean's still follow Helen Dean's original shortbread recipe, using ingredients from the same suppliers, much to the same mouthwatering effect! I would definitely recommend a trip, you get to have a look at the factory itself, which reminded me somewhat of Willy Wonka's! There is also a cafe, and all of the staff are really friendly and incredible generous, so apologies for the lack of photos but, I'll be honest, I was too busy eating my body weight in samples.

dunnottar castle
Or what's left of it. The ruins of what once was the hiding place of Scotland's crown jewels sit majestically on a cliff 50m above the North Sea. A very very narrow path leads the way, but the hike is not the only thing that will leave you breathless. The castle and surrounding coastline are so worth the cautious trek, the views are simply stunning.

craigievar castle 
Set between the rolling Grampian Mountains, is a pop of pink that will awaken a fairytale fantasy in anybody. It is even rumored to have inspired Walt Disney's castle motif! And that was it, short but sweet, my Aberdeen adventures came to an end far too soon, and I walked to the airport leaving snowy footprints behind me. There is something so wonderfully wild and free about the highlands, and as much as I loved seeing all these places, it was incredible just driving along the open landscape, through mountains and over the hills, I haven't got enough of the sweet Scottish air, and I know I'll be back soon.


  1. that place looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your pictures!!!
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  2. Anonymous7.12.15

    I LOVE Scotland and hope to go back there one day :)

    Pop over to my blog!


  3. Anonymous7.12.15

    wow it looks BEAUTIFUL! My bf has always wanted to travel to Scotland!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  4. Great photo's, it looks so beautiful over there.

    Nicole xx | www.nicolesbeautybabble.blogspot.com.au

  5. Oh wow, Scotland looks amazing! Beautiful photos!


  6. Ohn dear, thanks a lot for your lovely comments. It's very important to me to know your opinion <3

    This place seems to be so nice!!! Amazing landscape and perfect photos :D

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  7. These pictures look like they're stills from Harry Potter (minus all of the wizards). They're gorgeous!


  8. Lovely photos! I guess it's a bit cold, but the views are stunning! :))

  9. Amazing photographs, I wish I could visit! Thank you for taking us with you xx


  10. Looks like such a stunning trip, I'm loving all your pics, they're such great quality and everything looks super romantic!!!



  11. I've never been to Scotland, but whenever I'm abroad I love to visit castles. These look so great, I'd surely enjoy them too :) The photos are super! xx

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  12. I always forget home beautiful Scotland is. You probably passed by my house on your travels too! It's funny thinking that people come on a trip away to here haha!


  13. I've only been to Edinburgh and Glasgow. Highlands are on the top of my list, I really want to explore the beauties of Scotland!


  14. these pics are gorgeous x

  15. I thought Balmoral castle looked amazing and then I saw your picture of Dunnotar castle, it really is breathtaking! Seems like you had an interesting day, minus the rain :)

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  16. Sounds like a fun trip! I'd love to explore more of Scotland someday and its castles :)


  17. Wow Scotland is truly amazing, I'm in love. I really wish I can go there!
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  18. I don't think Scotland in the sun is half as enjoyable as Scotland in typical Scottish weather. You just have to bundle up, but the coast line looks great with the grey and the clouds.

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  19. Nice post!
    Never been to Scotland but I deffinitelly want to visit it!

  20. Wow, sounds like you had lots of fun! I've never been, but I'd love to go as it seems so picturesque not to mention has a great deal of history behind it. Great pictures, and I loved your insights into the different places you went!

    Sam | http://mybeautycloud.com

  21. Great post.

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  22. The sceneries are absolutely stunning, Scotland has such a mystic atmosphere and your photos catch it perfectly!

  23. Scotland looks amazing, wish I could visit it one day!


  24. Beautiful pictures from a beautiful place. I really want to go to Scotland some day
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  25. Anonymous15.12.15

    Beautiful photos! Those castles are incredible.


  26. Haha, you're so funny, I'd probably eat my body weight in sample as well. Scotland is so beautiful, we've only been to Edinburgh. Love all of these images. Shortbread is so delicious. <3
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  27. I've only been to Scotland once, and it was such a fun trip! I love the landscape! Those photos are absolutely stunning, you can really feel the atmosphere just by looking at these. :) Thanks for sharing, dear!


  28. Your photos are STUNNING! Now I really want to visit Scotland! :P Sounds like such a lovely getaway, it sounds strange but I love random little things like everyone getting soaked and then running back to some warm tea :)